Vito the Dog in New York Post

Vito the Dog in New York Post

Sunday July 19th I saw my Vito the Dog and myself in New York Post newspaper!

Vito was very impressed as you can see 🙂

Vito the Dog and New York Post

I was contacted through by New York Post journalist Joanna Prisco to talk a bit about my bullterrier Vito. She was doing an interview about the sudden increase in popularity of the bullterrier breed because of celebrity bullterriers like Neville Jacobs (Marc Jacobs’ pup) and artist Rafael Mantesso’s pup Jimmy Choo, who has started a collaboration with the namesake brand.

Bullterriers are great dogs. They are very smart, incredibly affectionate and a bit stubborn and opinionated. This type of dog is best with people who work from home, or spend a lot of time at home. Trouble starts when you don’t spend enough quality time with them, and they will let you know! They just demand a lot of attention, and definitely want to be an equal member of the family. They want to sit on the couch, on a chair when having dinner at the table, and will love your bed. And of course YOUR spot he will think is the best spot! If you want to become best friends instead of just owning a “dog”, a bullterrier is a great choice. Adopting one is a good
option. Go to Recyclabull for instance, to see which bullterriers are available.

In this New York Post article I also officially announced that I am in the last stages of finishing a children’s book about the Adventures of my Vito the Dog! “Vito the Dog, Happily After Shelter”. My aim is to empower young children by the inspiring story of Vito, as well as educate people about shelter dogs. For pre-order news please sign up on, and be the first to own a copy!Happily-after-Shelter-Vito-the-Dog-R

For the New York Post Article, please go HERE–> “Marc Jacobs and the Fashion World can’t get enough of bull terriers”

Marc Jacobs, Neville Jacobs, Lonneke Engel and Vito the Dog. copyright left: NY Post, Right Dirk Verest.

Love, Lonneke