President Trump

President Trump

January 2oth 2017 was the day of President Donald J Trump’s Inauguration. Since Donald Trump had announced he was running for President, I have been following him and his opponents Bernie Sanders, Jill Stein, Gary Johnson and Hillary Clinton closely. Because I watched almost all Trump’s rallies live on TV, and the thousands of people who attended them, I knew something was going on. Trump had so much energy, and he energized many more people than the others with a clear message: Make America Great Again.

I went into this Election as a dutch girl who can not vote (yet), with having no preference even though Donald Trump is born on my birthday, and I am exactly half his age (a riddle for you!). I have been coming to the USA since 1995, lived in this country since 2002. I simply love the USA and its People. While researching and watching the events unfold, I knew by Election Day Donald Trump was very likely to win. I wasn’t alone, even though everyone in NYC seemed to be Pro-Clinton. My neighbor is a retired Professor and he was all for Trump as well. If we talked to people in stores, first they were scared to say who they vote for, but after we said we thought Trump had some good points, many business owners confessed to us they would vote Trump but did not dare to speak up because of the fear of losing business. This was a response we got from many business owners and others with a different opinion than the Democrats: Afraid to speak their mind of fear of being called racist, bigot, xenophobe, or deplorable. Even though there was an underground movement going on, even in NYC, many on the surface called me crazy. The thing they did not think could happen happened: Donald Trump is the 45th President of the USA.

Eindhovens Dagblad Lonneke Engel over President Trump

The newspaper of my hometown of Eindhoven, Eindhovens Dagblad, asked me my thoughts on President Donald J. Trump. They put one of my quotes on the cover of their printed issue, and posted a video with my thoughts. I tell my viewers why I knew Trump would win. I share a few reasons why I think he could be a great President, and my worries. I told them I thought that the media wasn’t painting a fair picture of Donald Trump in my opinion. At the end I share my hope that people would be less judgmental, and be positive, not worried and just see what the new presidency will bring. Because Time will tell.

My dog BANE has a Trump toy. America is all about making a commercial festivity out of every event, and I wanted to have something to remember this historic event. Of course this company made the Trump toy in China. I am sure President Trump is going to do something about that in the future.

There are many reasons why I think President Trump could do a good job as the President of the USA. To explain them all would take a long time. I just hope everyone will stop protesting – especially the violent protests should stop – and work together towards a better America and World. President Trump has said at many occasions that he is the President for All Americans, and will work hard. Whoever the President, it does not stop us from becoming the best we can be, and work towards our ideals and goals.

In the meantime my instagram @LonnekeEngel lost many followers because I posted that I was proud of Melania Trump wearing my favorite designer Ralph Lauren.

President Donald Trump and Melania

It seems some people have become so sensitive that praising a beautiful woman in a pretty outfit has become a no-go. Just because she is married to Donald Trump and you don’t agree with his policies. Just because someone has a different opinion than you, does not mean yours is better. Respect others’ opinions, even if they have a different opinion than yours. You can still like someone’s outfit.

I will always try to be a realist and research my way into complex issues, to find my own voice.  I hope others will do the same too. While President Obama was a great Speaker and inspiration; let’s see what President Trump brings to America and to the World. Give him a chance, he might surprise you.