My best friends

Let me introduce to you my best friends: My 3 horses and my lovely dog Vito!

U2 (on the left, 14 years old and owned by me for 11 years) & Key West ( on the right, 23 years old and owned by me for 18 years). They enjoy each others company 24/7 and are both retired. Key West is always steady and calm. U2 is a macho but gets really upset if Key West leaves for even one minute!

U2 & Key West in the meadow

Cooper¬†(8 years old and owned by me for 4.5 years). Cooper is the clown of the bunch. He is always happy and interested in what’s going on, and really funny at times too!Cooper and Lonneke

Vito: Rescued in Eindhoven and feeling at home in New York City, he makes me smile each day because he has such a personality. You can follow him on Instagram: @Vitothedog and

Vito the dog

Love, Lonneke