Mano Macchiato at the Jan Boelo show

April 3rd we had the privilege to attend the amazing fashion show of fashion rocker Jan Boelo.

Last year, Jan contact me to help him with a smoothie recipe, as he was getting in shape. Of course I helped him with that! Jan is in my eyes a super talented dutch designer with a big love for leather. Since I work with Mano Macchiato, the 2 brothers who hand-finish leather products, I was thinking they should collaborate! And so they did. At the show of April 3rd, many of the shoes were hand-finished especially for the show by Mano Macchiato, but they also made 2 unique pieces. Leather pants with the American Flag hand-painted on it, and a red women’s leather blouse walked the show and it looked amazing! Many people thought the pants wasn’t leather, but it was 🙂 The show was so cool as it started with 2 guys riding their Harley Davidson motors onto the catwalk and parking it at the end. The whole show was live streamed in 360º view and many of our friends saw the show, and saw us sitting in the audience.

The location of the show, which was in the middle of Groningen at Club Paradigm in the Netherlands, was totally made to look like a motor club house, as that was the inspiration of Jan Boelo’s show. I loved all the looks and Jan Boelo and his stylist did an amazing job. We were especially proud of the pieces that were a collaboration between Mano Macchiato and Jan Boelo. I made pictures of these pieces at the show:

Jan Boelo x Mano Macchiato hand-finished leather pants

Jan Boelo x Mano Macchiato hand-finished leather blouse

Jan Boelo x Mano Macchiato hand-finished leather

Dirk and I both were also wearing Jan Boelo x Mano Macchiato. Dirk was wearing a wine red leather jacket with black shading, and I was wearing the custom-made leather dress in bright blue and black as you can see in the top picture.

If you are interested in Jan Boelo x Mano Macchiato, please visit or email

We hope to make more custom, bespoke hand-finished leather clothing with Jan Boelo x Mano Macchiato for one-of-a-kind clients.  In the Netherlands, but also in the USA, as the next stop is New York City!

I hope to show you more Mano Macchiato collaborations in the future!

Love, Lonneke