Interview Vito the Dog for Dujour magazine

Interview Vito the Dog for Dujour magazine

Last year my bullterrier Vito (the Dog) got his first interview request, and I just found it online. I was contacted through by Joanna who wanted to know a few things about owning a dog in New York City. Is it true that networking can be done through your dog? The so-called “petworking” is indeed a fact in New York City. We meet many interesting people and cute dogs on our daily walks.

Vito the dog in New York City meeting many dogs like Neville Jacobs, Tusker Bear and Achilla New Yorkers love their dogs, and are maybe even obsessed with dogs. When you walk with a dog on the streets, people are more likely to approach you, which can result in interesting conversations and meeting new people. This article included other famous New Yorkers like Andy Cohen of Bravo, Harvey Weinstein and Neville Jacobs.

Read the interview HERE> Dujour magazine Networking at the Dogpark.

Love, Lonneke

Pictures copyright Adjani van Vreede, Lonneke Engel, Dirk Verest, le Bunny Pig.