Lonneke in Jan Magazine Oktober 2015

14 Sep Lonneke in Jan Magazine Oktober 2015

Last Spring 2015 I did a photo shoot and interview that was very special to me. I shared my life story so far, as well gave the camera a glimpse into my life in the Netherlands with my husband Dirk, my dog Vito, my sister Marloes and her kids Navy, Milo and Lux , and my horses U2, Key West and Cooper. My sister also styled me with her gorgeous brand Minitials 18k jewelry, her own brand she started with her friend Marshia 4 years ago. I also wore a one-of-a-kind Jan Boelo by Mano Macchiato hand-finished leather dress shirt, as well as my own clothing that I shopped at Doortje Vintage. The result of this, “Lonneke in Jan magazine 2015” appears in a multipage spread in the Oktober issue of Jan magazine on newsstands now. This issue is also a 10 year anniversary of Jan Magazine. I will post more pictures ones this issue has gone off the shelves…

Happy Birthday Jan!

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Love, Lonneke