Organice Your Life

Lonneke Engel founded Organice Your Life ® in 2008, after she graduated as a Certified Health Counselor. She started a blog with daily updates including beauty & green living tips, recipes and other stories about her life as a successful top model traveling the World. Soon a few of her model friends started to show interest and joined her on to share their lifestyle choices. Organice Your Life ® has been growing every since. It is now the no.1 website to get inspired to Organize your life in an Organic & Nice way.

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'Never settle for anything less than amazing'

– Lonneke Engel –

Vito the Dog

Vito The Dog

Lonneke & her husband Dirk adopted rescued bullterrier Vito in the Netherlands, in February 2013. Abandoned by his family and left in a squad-house, adopted and returned two times, this then 9 year old dog was the living example that you have to keep a positive attitude. Vito turned out to be the most loving dog in the World. He  has been a great support to Lonneke during her recovery from a burnout. Vito now spends his days accompanying Lonneke & Dirk everywhere they go. Near the end of 2014 Lonneke will publish Vito’s inspiring story in the form of a children’s book.

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'You're never too old to start living your best life ever'

– Lonneke Engel –

Mano Macchiato

Mano Macchiato is a creation of the Dutch brothers Pim and Dirk Verest. The Verest brothers grew up between leather and art. They combined the two and nowadays they hand-finish leather through self-taught methods. Their technique requires surgical precision, incredible patience and immense attention to detail. In 2014 Lonneke Engel signed the Verest brothers under her artist agency Mea Vota and brought them to New York City to introduce the United States to the art of Mano Macchiato.

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'Consume Less, Live More'

– Lonneke Engel –